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Once you’ve made the decision to get the shipping refunds you deserve, a representative from Logic Systems Engineering will install the software and ensure proper integration with your current shipping system. 

Every evening, the tracking system will automatically access carrier sites to check the status of your daily shipments, collecting the pertinent data of late or undelivered packages.  Because the software is integrated with your existing platform you do not need to reenter tracking numbers or package information.  Each morning you can easily generate a late shipment report, providing all the necessary data to begin the claims process and request your guaranteed refund. It’s that simple. 

Not sure if you really need  Let’s do some math.  If: 

your approximate average daily volume of packages shipped is    150
your approximate average cost per package is    $8.50
and your average annual freight cost* is          $336,600
*based on a 22-business day month
Then using the 5% average carrier fail rate yields an annual savings of   $16,830!

Apply these numbers to your own shipping stats and see for yourself. software is available for lease or purchase.  Contact us



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